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Advantages of using Nitrogen instead of Air in tyres

Advantages of using Nitrogen instead of Air in tyres


While standing at a Fuel Station, you might have noticed nitrogen air filling and normal air filling for tyres and wondered which one to choose of the two. We will help you with this today through this article. Read On!

There are many promising reasons to use pure nitrogen in tires.

Firstly, nitrogen minimizes the escape of air through tire rubber than normal air, which implies that the tire pressure will remain stable for a longer time. Tires filled with nitrogen air do not let tyre pressure to change in conjunction with temperature changes and this was figured very early by racers. The tyre pressure remains consistent when tires heat up from friction. Passenger cars also take advantage through this as they need not refill their tyres frequently.

There’s something more with this. Humidity or water is something that must not be inside a tire. Liquid in any form present in a tire, causes rapid change of pressure with temperature swings. Moreover, It also leads to rusting of the steel or aluminum rim.

If you ever happen to press the tyre’s chuck valve with you finger nails and put some air off, the air inside the tyre starts to flow out and if your finger nails get wet with flowing air, then there is definitely some liquid particles in the tyre which is not a good sign.

Now, you might wonder How is water relevant to a nitrogen discussion? The answer is, any machine that delivers pure nitrogen delivers some dry nitrogen with it. Filling tyres with nitrogen involves purging several times in succession, dilution of the concentration of other gases in the tyre. This also removes any liquid particles in the tyre.

Nitrogen tyres keep car tyres constant and smooth on the road. The cars with normal air in tyres would give a minimal rough traction in comparison. This however is noticeable to some experienced drivers only. Another Advantage is that car tyres filled with nitrogen gas consume less fuel and increases fluidity on road. You may also incur low tyre maintenance costs as nitrogen air keeps your car tyres in a good state for a longer period of time. As mentioned earlier, it eliminates liquid from tyres and thus corrosion or rusting of rims doesn’t occur. The overall driving experience in terms of handling, braking and acceleration would feel more in control and smooth.

So, the bottom line is that it is good idea to fill your tyres with nitrogen air as it keeps your car tyres in good state for a longer period, cutting down maintenance and fuel costs thereby giving superior driving experience.
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