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The wheels of the car are the mainstay of your vehicle that ensures not just a smooth ride, but the safety on road. Off-balanced wheels, low air pressure, and other similar issues will lead to a horrific driving experience that makes your safety on the road vulnerable. Moreover, issues like faulty alignment leads to issues of camber and caster misbalance.

CarUstad uses modern technology for wheel related services to derive the best efficacy out of your car. Ensuring the highest traction for steer control is the expertise of CarUstad. So make use of the following services we offer regarding wheel related issues and you will not be disappointed.

Wheel Balancing Services

Our computerized wheel balancing service must be a routine job for your car as it is the most vital aspect of the driving experience. It is also critical for the safety of your car and the passenger within, especially in the over-crowded streets of Gurgaon and NCR. Systematic and frequent car balancing is almost a necessity and cannot be ignored, as it curbs the wear-and-tear of the tire and up the mileage.

At CarUstad we provide nominally priced wheel balancing services without any compromise with the technology usage. Our technology is the latest in the industry. It effectively corrects the misaligned angles and overcomes wheel sways to keep the car in the straight line rather than swerving here or there. Get in touch with our support staff to avail discount wheel balance packages that we offer and enjoy concessions on every consecutive service that you will buy from us in future maintenance.

Wheel Alignment Services

The wheel alignment refers to the adjustments made to the cars caster, camber and toe angles. The alignment service will be applicable to the front as well as rear wheels, and also for steering and suspension maneuverability. The aim is to improve your driving capability and slow the wearing of tires. The overall effect will be a much-improved mileage per liter of fuel and assurance of road safety.

CarUstad has the precision technology to address any alignment issues of the wheel of your vehicle. Our long-term wheel alignment services provide guaranteed results and free service within the guarantee period if the problem reoccurs. The options of short term and long term wheel alignment offered by CarUstad helps maintain the longevity of your vehicle and superlative driving experience.

Tire Rotation Services

Regular wheel rotation is a mandatory aspect towards the maintenance of the car and something that cannot be ignored. Tire rotation is the practice of keeping the car in straight line, which works in tandem with steering maneuver. You can drive into the garage of CarUstad to get your wheel rotation services done in a jiffy and at a very low cost.

For any additional service related to wheels that is not listed above, call us or

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best.


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