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Engine diagnostic is the technical inspection method for the engine of your Car that becomes mandatory when there are issues in the driving experience or the mileage is below par. There are multiple reasons that could lead to the underperformance of the engine. That is where the Engine Diagnostics services of CarUstad comes useful.

At CarUstad we implement the very modern computerized engine scan devices. The machine’s red light code is the indicator of a faulty engine, which can be a minor problem or a very critical issue. It is recommended to perform an engine diagnostic test with us whenever you experience issue. Our engine expert explains to you why it is dangerous to ignore engine troubles no sooner than you feel them. In other words, a stitch in time saves nine. It is best to resolve a minor problem than to spend fortunes in huge trouble with the engine, often leading to complete engine failure.

Try Our Free Diagnostic Consultation No one would perform a Red Light engine diagnostic free of charge. But CarUstad does offer this complimentary service that includes:

  • Instant and reliable engine scan service by CarUstad technician
  • Scanning the computer functionality of your car
  • Diagnostic analysis documentation
Note: the service is available only for Car’s manufactured with an onboard computer.

Car Diagnostic Services

  • Computerized scan of your Car
  • Visual inspection to diagnose issues not detectable by computer
  • Battery performance diagnosis
  • Fuel pressure measurement
  • Engine compression analysis
  • Malfunction diagnosis either manually or through computer
  • Drive test to further affirm the snag
  • Free estimation of service
Rest assured you get the most reliable engine diagnostic service through finest technology and by experienced mechanics. The assurance of CarUstad is second-to-none in the NCR region.

Give us a call to book a free inspection of your car engine or here.

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