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Are Your Tires Winter Ready?

Are Your Tires Winter Ready?

Tires Winter Ready

Even if you aren’t ready to think about the coldest season of the year, it is right around the corner. Now is a good time to make sure your tires are ready for winter driving! It is especially important to keep your tires in peak condition in winter, so they will keep you safe on the road.

Check the pressure on all tires, including the spare, every month. Use a reliable gauge and check when the tires have had a chance to cool down after driving. Do not go by the pressure stamped on the sidewall of the tire. Instead, find the proper pressure level for your vehicle by checking the owner’s manual or the sticker located on the driver-side door jamb. This is a perfect time to check the condition of the tyres of your automobile.

1. Hold a penny so that “In God We Trust” appears across the top. Divide it into few different sections of the tire, taking note of the visibility.

2. If you can consistently see, your treads are excessively worn, and it is time to go shopping for a new set of tires.

3. If the forehead hairline is covered throughout the tread grooves, the tread is in good shape and your tires probably do not need to be replaced.

Winter tires offer superior grip when driving, stopping, and cornering in wet and snowy conditions. Winter tires do have the disadvantage of faster tread wear than all-season tires because they are made from softer rubber, formulated to stay pliable at freezing temperatures. As long as you change back to your all-season tires in the spring, your winter tires should last for several seasons.

If you have any doubts about whether or not your tire tread will be safe enough for winter, or if you think you may need winter tires, speak with the professionals at Car Ustad.