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Car Maintenance Tips During Monsoons


With the monsoon season about to begin, many of us have already started prepping for the rains. But there is a very common thing we often forget to prepare for during the rains and it is our cars. Rather than ending up stuck in a downpour, it is advisable to prepare your vehicles for the absolute worst to travel safely during the monsoon season. Today let us have a look at some of the key car maintenance tips that can help you have a safer and smoother drive.

Check for Leakages: One of the first and foremost things to check for is any leaks in the vehicle. While we need to check for any leaks that might lead to components leaving the vehicle such as an oil leak or gas leak. At the same time, we need to check for any leaks that might cause the rainwater to enter the vehicle and damage it internally. The most common cause for the rainwater entering the vehicles is the rubber seal around windows and sunroofs. Ensure proper fitting of all these to avoid any rainwater seeping into the car.

Moreover, the rainwater can stagnate and cause rusting of the car body. This can further cause leaks and damage the vehicle.

Tire Check: Tires are extremely important especially during the rains and an unfit tire can prove to be lethal. Keeping a healthy set of tires is very important and must be one of the first things to be checked during maintenance because rains decrease traction between the tire and the road. A simple way to analyze the health of your tire is through the size of the treads of the tires, the better the tread, the healthier the tire. A tire with low tread should be changed immediately to prevent any unfortunate events. And with modern tires, you get a tread indicator, which helps you understand the health of your tire and when it is time to replace it.

Electricals: Electricals in a car can be complex and while the companies ensure proper measures to keep them covered, during the rainy season, checking all the exposed wiring and connections is a must. Check for any cuts or missing insulations as water can cause a short circuit leaving you high and dry. Not only the wiring but also maintaining a healthy battery is extremely important during the monsoons. Driving during this season needs extra use of electric components such as lights, fog lamps, etc. and an unhealthy battery might drain out due to the higher than usual load.

Braking System: Braking is very important when it comes to safe driving but during the rains, braking is difficult due to decreased traction. Remember the screeching noise while braking after driving in the rains or after getting your car washed? Well, that is caused due to water affecting the brake pads. This means the pads are wearing out and need to be replaced. So, it is extremely important to keep a check on the brake pads of the vehicle during the rains to prevent any issues with the braking system.

Light Check: During days of extreme storm and thunder, it can go dark during the day as well. In addition, the high amount of rain can make it difficult for the driver to get a clear view of the road ahead. It is during these times, that lights play an essential role in maintaining that visibility and complementing the wipers to get a better view. Along with headlamps, check your fog lamps, hazard indicators, back lamps, brake lights, and turn indicators to ensure maximum safety and a smooth drive during those rainy days. Also, keep a check on fogged up lamps which is very common during the monsoon season.

Get your car a pre-season service: Yes, you read that right. Getting your car serviced before the rainy season kicks in can help you get any problems you might be facing fixed before they aggravate. Not only does it make your car ready to roll through the entire monsoon season but will also help identify and fix any of the above-mentioned problems. A pre-monsoon service prepares your vehicle to face the rains, the storms, and the poor conditions and is a must when it comes to not only prepping your car but also maintaining a healthy life for the same. So if you have been looking for a car service in Gurgaon, now is the time to get it done.

The windscreen and the wipers: Visibility decreases during the monsoons due to the continuous downpour of the rains. This impacts the driving skills and it becomes even more important to have a clean and well-maintained windscreen. Any scratches or marks will make it difficult to get a clear view of the road. Moreover, a properly working wiper is important not only for the driving experience but for the windscreen as well. If your wiper has friction with the screen and leaves marks while cleaning, it is time to change the surface rubber as it is worn out. If left unchanged, these wipers will not have any impact on the glass and will also make it difficult to get a clear view of the road.

With the wipers, also ensure a duly filled washer fluid. Now, using water during the rains doesn’t make any sense but a soap-filled solution can help clean the windscreen and get rid of any dirt or mud that might have got on.

So, today we have talked about the top maintenance tips that will help you prepare your vehicle for the monsoon season. But, where do you find the expert who can help you find solutions to all these queries? Well, look no more and reach out to us at Car Ustad, the leading providers of car service in Gurgaon. We are a team of driven individuals who understand the technology behind the healthy working of a car and use innovative technology to offer the best solutions. We have a presence throughout India and offer the best solutions at affordable prices. So, get prepared for the monsoon season with Car Ustad and do not let the rains hold you back.

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