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First Things You Should Do After You Buy A New Car


You have just invested your hard-earned money in a machine that you are going to give all your love. After all, it’s a car, and we Indians just don’t buy a car, we adopt it as one of our own family members. And when it comes to a family member, there are a few steps to ensure the well being of the newly introduced member. So, today we are going to find out what all you should do after you buy a new car.

Just took the delivery of your car? Well, take it straight to the temple, get the priest chants the holy prayers and perform the rituals that are meant to be. If you do not believe on God, you can skip this part. But, India is a land of culture and we love to take the blessings of the almighty before the beginning of a new chapter, and this my friend, is indeed a huge one.

Visit the nearest Petrol Pump
The dealership you bought your car from fueled up your car’s tank with 5 litres of fuel. It is really necessary to fill it up to whole as it is a new car and will surely demand more fuel, in the beginning, to let the engine run properly. Do not run a new car at the reserve! And do note that the initial fuel economy of a car is usually lower than the normal.

Get the Tyre Pressure Checked
Now I know this step might seem an obscure one as there is a proper PDI any dealership performs before the delivery of the car. But many times it has been found that tyres are filled with extra air, so it is really necessary to have the accurate pressure in them as you won’t want early wear due to the excess pressure.

Pollution-Under-Control Certificate
A new car does come with the PUC certificate but if it’s not there, instead of heading to Pollution Check Centre, as the dealer has to provide one at the time of the delivery of the car. And do make sure that you get it renewed every 6 months.

Check the papers such as Insurance, Registration
Now it’s time to check the papers that come with the car. Open that manual and take a proper look at it. Look at the paperwork related to the registration details, tax receipt, delivery challan, insurance, purchase papers and others that come in the car. Make sure that none of these is missing. Make a duplicate of these papers and keep them in a safe place.

Check for the Safety and Hazard Kit
Now I know that no one wants a problem so early. But the danger does not knock before arriving. So do make sure that you check the safety and the hazard kit that comes with your car. Also, if your car is CNG, do make sure that the fire extinguisher that has been installed by the carmaker is not expired. If so, ask the dealer to replace it asap. It is always better to stay ready.

So, these are the steps you should ensure to keep the car you just bought in a condition much better. It’s just a matter of time and your car will surely demand periodic service. And for the best car care, you can always call on Carustad Car Repair Services in Gurgaon. With Carustad, your car gets the industry level equipment, highly skilled technicians and free pick up and drop from the location you want.

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