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Car Noises

There are a lot of reasons why you need to do even basic car maintenance. Here are some of the more compelling reason why maintaining your car is very important.

1. Improves Safety

Every day, people die because of traffic accidents secondary to a faulty brake system, poor tire treads, and worn out drive belts which are just to name a few. Basic car maintenance mayn’t prevent accidents directly but can help improve safety. We ensure that all of the critical components of the vehicle are running smoothly or functioning optimally which helps us improve safety while driving.

2. Enhances Reliability and Performance

There are certain components of our car which are naturally more vulnerable to wear. Because of the regular maintenance checks annually or depending on you, we can ensure the optimum functioning of those parts so that when we need them, we’ll feel more confident that those parts will pull us through out of any given situation

3. Saves You Expensive Repair Costs

Do you know how much does an average car maintenance cost?

The actual cost actually depends on the type of vehicle, driving habits, and the problem that you are facing. To give you an idea, it usually costs about ₹8,000 to own and operate an average vehicle which is broken down into ₹3,800 as the average cost of purchasing a vehicle while the remaining is into motor oil, gasoline expenses and other vehicle-related costs. This is under normal operating conditions. Sometimes, the cost of major repair will be more than 50% of the cost from which you can purchase a new vehicle of the same model. If you perform regular maintenance checks then it will help you avoid costly repairs from major problems.

Car Noises

4. Higher Resale Value

If your car is well-maintained then you can get a much higher value in the resale market. Also, majority of car buyers are now more conscientious about their choices. Being able to prove that your car is well-maintained is very tricky and it tells the buyer that you have taken a good care of it and is no place to negotiate the amount.

5. Contributes To Cleaner Environment

Okay, your car may run on fossil fuel but you also need to contribute, to a cleaner environment. Making sure that your engine oil is not burnt, everything is running smoothly, and that there are no leaks from the various pipes of vehicle can also contribute to a cleaner environment. Some run on hybrid or electric engines, but a well-maintained car will produce consistently lower levels of harmful fumes and fluids that can potentially pollute the air and bodies of water.

6. Minimizes Roadside Emergencies

Majority of us, have already experienced a flat tire or an overheating engine while on the road due to which we have to pull over and make quick fixes. But quick fixes doesn’t always help and at the end we have to call for roadside assistance, to jump start our car, an emergency car battery delivery, or sometimes a towing service. These kind of roadside emergencies can actually be prevented just by periodic maintenance schedule of our vehicles. It is a lot cheaper and easy

7. Reading The Owner’s Manual

It’s like a tradition, we never read an owner’s manual be it for car or any other gadget. We just want to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. There is a lot of information in the owner’s manual that tells on to how you can optimize the performance and functioning of your vehicle. It also gives the information on things that are needed to be checked, how they can be checked, what signs and symptoms you need to assess, and when you need to do perform these checks.

Using the wrong products and turns on your car can seriously undermine its roadworthiness. It may not be known immediately, but over time the problems will arise. By then, you will have to face very expensive repairs that include replacement parts and labour.

So, make sure you have thoroughly read the manual before putting the key into the ignition. Even professional racers read them. It gives them an idea on how to keep the vehicle in its top shape.

Car Ustad doesn’t just help you maintain your car but also gives you a better service. Therefore giving maintain your car and increase the lifetime of your car but also your investment.