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Fuel is the driving force behind a vehicle and the ever-rising fuel prices are becoming a concern for every vehicle owner. The petrol and diesel prices are pushing people and automobile companies to explore alternative means of fuels. However, until these alternatives become as effective as the existing mainstream fuel options looking for means to increase the car mileage can be a wise decision. It will be good for your car and your pocket. But there are several myths and facts revolving around this hot topic of achieving more mileage. Before we share the tips and tricks to increase the mileage, let us uncover some myths around it, so that you use only the proven and effective means of improving your car’s mileage.

The Myths Uncovered-some of the common myths revolving around car mileage include, side by side we will also learn about the beneficial tips and tricks for better fuel efficiency and car mileage.

Myth1: Refuel your Car Every Morning:
Have you been advised to refill the car tank every morning for more mileage? The theory around it is that petrol tends to expand with heat. While this theory is right, but the truth is that the fuel gets stored in tanks below ground where the everyday temperature cannot play any role in the petrol density.

Tip1: The Engine Health: It is important that you get regular car servicing and emission tests done to keep the engine in good health. It is a great way of ensuring mileage at its peak. Besides, you should also ensure that the correct grade engine oil is used at the time of service. If you use any other engine oil, then it can affect fuel efficiency by 20%.

Myth2: Less Fuel is bad for Engine & Mileage:
If you run the car with less fuel in it, then the car engine starts ingesting littered fuel from the bottom of the tank. This affects the engine and the pickup. However, the truth is that the fuel tank is designed in a manner that it can always pick fuel from the bottom of the tank. So, whether the tank is full or running low on fuel, it will not have any impact on the engine and mileage.

Tip2: Avoid Over Use of Clutch & Accelerator: When driving the car avoid keeping your foot on the clutch. Engage it only when needed to save fuel. Likewise, accelerating up and down frequently will drop the mileage significantly. Instead, try to maintain a constant speed for fuel conservation.

Myth3: Premium Fuel for Better Run:
There are different categories of petrol like power, premium and more. There are claims that using such petrol variants can give you better mileage. However, the truth is that these categories of petrol can benefit the engine’s performance as they are less combustible.

Tip3: Maintain Tyre Pressure: The tyres play an important role in providing you with better mileage. So, maintain the tyre pressure not only for long-lasting tyres but for fuel efficiency as well. Always follow the manufacturer recommended air pressure levels in the tyre.

Myth4: The Range Readings are Incorrect:
These are often evaluated based on long term driving patterns. Whereas, the fuel gauge is a simple indicator of how much fuel is left in the car. So, the range readings cannot be a parameter for analysing the car mileage.

Tip4: Keep Windows Rolled-Up & Drive Light: When you drive with the windows rolled-up you will burn less fuel as against driving without AC. This is because when the windows are rolled down the car will face more air-drag with cross ventilation. So, roll up the windows and benefit with more mileage. Besides, drive light and burn less fuel.