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Know When Your Car Tyre Needs Replacement With Car Ustad


Many people especially in India ignore the act of replacing car tyres. They ignore the fact that tyres are the only part of the car that is directly in contact with the road. So, to maintain the safety, efficiency, and performance of the car, it is necessary to replace the old wheels with the new ones after a certain time-period or whenever they wear out. After the tyres start wearing out, they lose the braking ability and grip on the road.

Certain tips to know when your car tyre needs replacement are as follows:

Examine the tread requirements in your country: The basic function of tyre tread is to deflect the water from underneath the tyre, to enhance the grip and prevent the danger of aquaplaning on wet roads. Every country has tyre tread standards given by the transportation officials so follow the instruction given by the officials.

Examine the tread bars: Tyres of good brands have tread wear bars (little horizontal bridges), which are within the treads. Examine whether the tyre tread is levelled with the tread bars or not. It should not be checked from just one spot, rather examine the overall area of the wheel.

Examine the tread by using a coin: Use a coin and insert it in the tread of the wheel. If the coin sits deep into the tread, then your tyre is fine and requires no replacement. But in case the coin is not covered by the tread, then you are required to replace the wheel.

In case of unusual tread wear, get your car to the service centre: If you observe unusual tread wear, then it can be due to the poor wheel alignment, inappropriate wheel pressure, and requires wheel rotation. You should get your car to the best car service in Gurgaon. They will thoroughly inspect your car and will find out the problem. Sometimes, due to worn out suspension parts, the life of the tyres get reduced. You should rotate the wheel of the car after every 7-8 months to increase its life.

Examine the unusual bulges or bumps in the tyre sidewalls: The sidewall of the wheel i.e., the external surface of the tyre having a bump or bulge shows that the stiff internal frame of the wheel is impaired or cracked, which allows the air pressure to arrive at the flexible external surface. Irrespective of the condition of the tread, if there is a sidewall bump it requires to be replaced right away as it can cause blowout to the tyre while driving at the high speed. The sidewall bump can occur due to driving into a huge pothole or driving with less air pressure.

Wheel balancing in case of vibrations: If you feel vibrations in the steering wheel and if vibration increases by the increase in speed, it might require wheel balancing. If after wheel alignment balancing, it does not restrict the vibrations, you are probably required to replace the tyre. If your car most of the time remains parked, then it may make your tyre appear cupped or scalloped, which shows that the tyres are not being rotated sufficiently.

Examine the dry rot of the tyres: If there are small cracks on the overall area of the wheel, it shows that the rubber of the tyre is wearing out. After 6-7 years the wheel’s rubber gets dry which makes the dry rot collapse from the steel belt within the tyre. Irrespective of the distance covered by the tyres, they can begin rotting even before the tread begins to diminish. Before going on a long trip, you should get the tyres inspected for the dry rot. To avoid dry rot, the tyres should be degreased, particularly if they are exposed to sunlight.

Replace tyres after certain a time period: Everything has its expiry date, so does have the tyres. You should replace the tyres after every 6-8 years irrespective of the wear and tear to the tyre. After some years the rubber of the tyre gets dry which intensifies the chances of an accident while driving on the highways. Tyres should not be used after 8 years from the date of manufacturing.

You must get your car inspected every few months from the Car Ustad - best car service center in Gurgaon to keep your car running smoothly and to keep your family safe.

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