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Maintain Your Car During Lockdown

Maintain Your Car During Lockdown


As we all know about the coronavirus pandemic Approx. all the big cities, states, and even the Whole countries are on lockdown. We are highly monitoring the government’s advice and recommendations on this pandemic of coronavirus. The World Health Organisation Declares Coronavirus as an international epidemic. This affects lots of country economy and sends the share market on the roller coaster, and lots of people lost their work due to this.

Even in this Pandemic your safety and security is our first priority. There are lots of safety measures that can be done to prevent the transmission of this virus-like washing your hand on a regular interval, wearing a mask and gloves always, don’t do hand-shakes, stay home and don’t touch your nose, eyes, and face by your hands.

Here are some tips and tricks so you can keep your car safe and with this trick and tips you can prevent your car with the small problems which can happen.

• Cars don’t like to be parked - cars are made for driving and they don’t want to be parked for a long time. If they parked for long time their batteries can be discharged, things made by rubber can be drying out, tires can be gain flat spots, lots of dust and rocks can be stuck on the car body. To prevent this drive your car for 10 minutes at least to ensure the battery charge.

• Always cover your car - always cover your car after driving it can prevent all the most of car problems. Covers always prevent the car from rainwater, dust, debris, sun’s heat, and bird dropping.

• Check the oil levels - Check your car’s oil level regularly so it can prevent the engine problems. You should always buy a good quality engine oil and fill it with the proper quantity. You can change the oil yourself also if you have proper tools and a little bit of experience. If you can’t do it by yourself then find the local repairing shop which might be open and allows you to sit in the car while oil change which can follow the social distancing and prevent the transmission of the virus

• Check the car tires - A basic tire check is easy to do and you have to do it on a monthly basis. Always keep notice of uneven tire wear and damages. Check the air pressure of car tires before driving. And make sure that you have a spare tire always in a car which can be very useful during this lockdown.

• Check and replace the air filters - This also can be done by yourself with the right tools and equipment. Check all air filters and if they are dirty and should be clean then clean it with high air pressure and if you can’t clean them replace them. You can save money by changing it yourself and for any instruction you can read your vehicle owner’s manual.

• Wash your car - This is the best thing you can do by yourself to prevent the upcoming issues and problems. If you haven’t wash your car whole winter like most peoples do than you have to wash your car right now to remove the dust and salt which can remove the car paint. Washing the car by hand is the safest choice, using the best soap and sponge. While washing the car yourself wash the one section at a time like if you are washing the upper section then wash it completely first then move to lower portions. And always use the different sponge for the car tires and wheels to avoid the salt transfer.

We were sure that these tips and tricks will help you a lot during this lockdown and even after the lockdown. We just want to recommend you to stay home and stay safe. Keep healthy yourself and your family that’s all that we can do.
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