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Is your car ready for summers?
If No, then ready your car for summers and keep some points in your minds while driving your car in summers. As the summers come you have to ensure that your car is ready for scorching the heat of the sun. Summer’s heat, dust, and stop and go traffic will effects so much on your car. Summers is also known as the vacations and taking a break from daily tasks. Hence, how can you forget about your car in vacations it needs top-notch maintenance in summers because summers will create lots of challenges on your car. But if your car is summers ready then you can beat the heat of the sun.

Here are certain tricks and tips that can control the effects of summer’s heat.

• Take a Look on Car Air Conditioners - If you are going to any type of vacations in your car then you must be sure that your car air conditioner will work correctly. You should check it out before and after every trip. If you feel that it is not working properly then you should go to the mechanic and get checked your car air conditioner refrigerant. You should also check your car’s air filters regularly from preventing the hard work of the car engine.

• Top Off Your Car’s Fluids - in order to checkout for any trip you should check your car engine fluids, steering fluid, breaks fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. You should verify the oils level and quality of oil in your car engine and various parts. All parts of the car should be top up with the appropriate summer grade and should be changed regularly.

• Check Tyres - you should check your car tyre at regular interval. Check its air pressure and inflation. Over-inflation can cause blow out the tyre and under-inflation can lead to wear the tyres. These chances can be increased in high summer temperatures. In summer everyone should fill their car’s tyres with nitrogen air so the tyres can be cool enough on the warm roads.

• Engine Performance - Replace your car’s filters at regular intervals and fill the proper level of water for the coolness of the engine. During summers engine can be heated as enough as it can be burn. In that case, contact your mechanic as soon as possible and resolve the problems.

• Light and indicators - You have to check your car’s lights and indicators whether they are working properly or not. Driving at night can be very dangerous without any lights and indicators. You have to take care of these little things.

• Batteries - Before leaving for the trip you should check your car batteries and their chemicals level. While driving the car if it becomes down then you can be stuck in problems like the car will stop and not start and various types of problems.

• Update The First Aid Box - Everyone has a first aid box in their car but few people know that not only carrying the first aid is enough but it should be updated at regular intervals because the medicines, gels, cotton, and tubes can be expired if not in use for a long time.

• Wash and Paint the Car - If your car gets a scratch and dented in any situation then you should wash your car and get paint on that particular area so the rusting can’t be spread. The summers dust and heat can affect so much and you can save your car from these things by just washing your car at regular intervals.

So hope you will understand why you should prepare your car for summers.

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