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Prepare your Car for winters – Maintance Tips


The winter season has started and that calls for extra care for your riding Car. Just look at you layer up yourself in thermals so that you don’t catch a cold; in the same way, your car also needs that more of care in winters. When you ignore your car care in winters then surely you will not like to get down, take care of your car in frozen winters. Follow these simple steps on how to get your car ready for winter.

Change oil
The most important step for any car’s check-up is the inspection of the oil and oil filter. Cold weather can freeze your oil, making it thicker and more difficult to circulate., your car won’t start. Therefore, you should consider switching from your regular oil to lower viscosity grade oil. To ensure your oil is thin enough for winter, bring your car around to us so that we can check it out.

Lights and bulbs Inspection
Inspect the lights and bulbs, change the bulbs if you find any fused out the light, as you can never compromise with your clear vision during the night driving. Also, regularly, clean all headlights and bulbs.

Inspect the Battery
Very cold temperatures can affect the performance of your car’s battery. The battery capacity to power your car decreases significantly as temperatures drop. At 5, a battery’s amp-hour capacity goes down to half. Coupled with the fact that your car requires more current to start during the winter, this means that your battery needs to perform at peak power.

Get Snow Tires
If you drive in an area where it snows regularly, you may need to replace your all-season tires with snow tires. These tires are made of soft rubber and can retain their flexibility, even in freezing conditions. They also have a stronger tread pattern that can grip snow and ice.

Windshield and Wipers Care
Check the proper condition of the wiper rubbers of the windshield wipers as they tend to get hard in extreme weather and surely, it is a call for a change. If you ride in the hills quite frequently, then a fine layer of ice on the windscreen is obvious, and to get rid of it, just add a decent amount of rubbing alcohol to the washer fluid bottle

If you follow all of these simple and easy steps, then your winter Car Maintenance is fully complete and you will have hassle-free rides this winter season.

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