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Secrets to Preserve Your Car Engine

Secrets to Preserve Your Car Engine


Your engine is the heart of your automobile. If something goes wrong with the engine, your car becomes effectively useless. Your vehicle is one of your most significant investments so you want to make sure that it yields a good ROI. You can get this from a properly running engine. An engine in good working order will not just save you money, but also prevent your car from overheating or dying at a dangerous intersection. If there is something wrong with your engine, you need to take your car to a good automotive repair and services company.

Although our car engine looks like one big section, it is made of several small components which work in tandem to give power to your car. We recommend regular maintenance of your engine in order to prevent any problems in the future.

• Cleaning Your Engine
If you keep your engine dirty, you will be doing a huge disservice to your car. The engine is the most important part of your vehicle and your car won’t be able to budge if it doesn’t kick in. It is extremely important to keep your engine free of debris, dirt and dust.

As your vehicle travels on the road, it is exposed to the elements. Over time, the blowing dust and leaves can make their way inside the vehicle and clog its filters. Insects and pests can also make their home in your vehicle. If your engine is slathered in grease, it will be difficult for it to cool down quickly, leading to overheating.

An auto service provider, like PA Auto Inspection, will recommend a degreasing agent to clean the outside of the engine. A vacuum may also be used to clean out dust, dirt, and debris from around the engine’s casing. Thankfully, the way your engine is designed keeps most of the rubbish out of its interior. However, if you hear any odd noises, see smoke, or smell something strange coming from inside your engine, do not start your car, and call an auto repair service provider.

• Servicing the Spark Plug
Make sure your spark plug is cleaned regularly so that no dust and grime can find its way to the combustion chamber. To do this, an auto service provider will disconnect the plug lead and clean the area around it so that no debris gets into the combustion chamber when you take out the spark plug. Then they will remove the plug and use a special cleaner to brush out any clinging dirt or debris. The sparkplug also needs to be inspected for any cracked porcelain or burned electrodes. This may not seem like a huge task but it goes a long way towards improving your engine’s life.

• Adequate Lubrication
The engine is comprised of several moving parts and adequate lubrication is required for its smooth functioning. If the parts are not properly oiled, the friction caused by its moving components will grind and rub against each other, causing damage. Ungreased engines may also be vulnerable to rust. Sometimes, if the damage is mild, it can be reversed. At other times, you may have to replace the components so that your engine can function properly.

Our automotive repair and services company will ensure that your piston rings, crankshafts, and the cylinder walls are perfectly lubricated so that there is no chance of damage from friction. We will also take the opportunity to check the seals in certain parts of the engine to make sure that everything is fitted properly for a smooth ride.

• Oil Change
An oil change is one of the most important things that affect the performance of your engine. Most people like to postpone changing the engine’s oil until it becomes too late. Over time, the oil in your engine becomes dark, cloudy and sticky and does not help your engine get the most benefit from the lubrication system. We recommend checking and changing your oil every three to six months or every 5,000 miles to ensure that your car is in the best shape possible and that your engine is getting all the advantages from the oil.

If you feel that there’s something with your engine, for example, if you sense any strange noise, smell, or smoke coming from it, make an appointment with us. The longer you allow your engine to remain untended, the worse the problem will get and end up causing more damage to your engine. What could have been a simple fix may turn into a more complex issue that can require you to replace multiple parts, or maybe even replace your entire engine altogether.

Don’t let your engine get to this stage. Make sure you follow these simple tips so that your engine performs at its maximum and last for years to come.