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Top 10 Car Maintenance Mistakes


Many people often ignore their cars for as long as it takes to develop a long-term problem. On the other hand, some people make sure that their cars are serviced and well maintained through regular checkups and timely changes. But then there are times when even the people who look after their cars make some errors and end up looking for a car repair service in Gurgaon. Well, today we will try to point out those common car maintenance mistakes one makes and ends up looking for car service in Gurgaon. So let us look at a few things we should NOT be doing when it comes to maintaining our cars.

Oil Change: One of the most common mistakes that we do is not getting our engine oil changed in time. Ideally, it should be changed every 3000 km but sometimes people ignore it and they drive, way beyond the advised distance. This can cause major damage to the engine and affect its long term working. Hence, we recommend that engine oil should be regularly checked and changed to avoid any major problems.

Regular Service: Along with changing the engine oil, one also needs to get regular service done for their cars which include not only changing oils and filters but also cleaning the entire system and scanning your favorite machinery, your car, for any issues. Many people ignore this and delay the service for their cars. This can cause damage, which is a very common occurrence. People often procrastinate and delay the service timelines which causes the car to be overworked and damaged. Hence, you should not delay your regular car service and you should maintain a proper maintenance schedule.

Driving on reserve: The reserve fuel feature or the orange light that comes up on the dashboard is meant for emergencies. But a lot of people take it for granted and can be seen driving on the minimum amount of fuel left. This is a very bad practice and if you are out there maintaining your car in every way but driving on reserve, you are causing more damage than you know. While petrol cars are not affected substantially, a diesel engine can be damaged to a great extent. It affects the pumps and injectors and because of the higher air-fuel mixture, air can block the pipes and damage the engine.

Engine temperature: As the summers close in on us, a lot of people will face the problem of rising engine temperatures. Yet, for many reasons, people ignore these signs and keep driving their cars with overheated engines. Not only can driving on an overheated engine cause major damage to the car, but it can also be potentially dangerous and can put the lives of those in and around the car in danger. So always keep a check on the engine temperature and if you find it rising, park your vehicle till it cools down and then get it checked at the nearest service center.

Tyre Pressure: Again, a very basic point that is ignored by a lot of people is keeping a check on the tyre pressure of the car. People while getting their service done often ignore to get their car’s tyres checked. This can prove to be extremely damaging to the car and could also lead to accidents. Ideally, tyre pressure should be checked every week to avoid any damages.

Not driving carefully: We often hear people saying that suspensions are meant to take care of the potholes and speed breakers on the road. We do agree, but that does not make it acceptable to drive fast over these potholes. Suspensions are meant to absorb shocks, but speeding over these spots can damage the suspensions and lead to an expensive visit to the car service center in Gurgaon.

Replacing coolant with water: Another very important thing to keep in mind is that water should only be used in place of coolant if you have run out of the same and need to refill the levels. Whenever refilling it, using coolant is advised to prevent any damage. Coolants have more functions than just cooling properties. It consists of antifreeze elements and also prevents corrosion of metal parts that water alone cannot do. Thus, replacing coolant with water should be avoided unless it’s an emergency.

Clean the cabin filter: Car maintenance is a tough task and there are certain aspects which people are unaware of. One of them is the cabin filter. A lot of people do not know that there is a filter inside the car, which prevents the dust and pollution particles from coming inside and filters the air that you breathe. It also affects the cooling of your air conditioner. So, always clean your cabin filter to maintain healthy air conditioning and pollution-free interiors.

Original part replacement: Various third-party vendors offer cheaper replacements for every part in the car. But should you get them instead of the original authentic parts offered by the company? The answer is a definitive no. While they may be cheaper and save you some money, in the long run, these parts can cause a lot of damage to your engine. So, instead of saving some money and later spending a fortune on repairing, go for only authentic parts.

Becoming your mechanic: Well who isn’t curious to fix their vehicles, isn’t it? But you should not be doing it. As tempting as it may sound, opening up your car on your own can be lethal. It can lead to a lot of problems. Even a simple task such as replacing the battery can get you stuck, as you might not have the right set of tools. So ditch DIY and let the experts handle your car’s needs!

Today we have discussed the top 10 mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to car maintenance. Avoid making these and if you are looking for car service in Gurgaon, look no more because we at Car Ustad are a team of driven individuals who will offer you the best solutions for all your car problems. Visit us today and let us give you the best experience for your car.

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