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Why do you need to change the Air filter of your car?

Why do you need to change the Air filter of your car?


Let's understand easily, you need lungs to breathe, same as that your car needs an air filter to work properly. You can also say that air filters are the lungs of cars as they keep the air clean and prevent toxic particles from affecting the engine and keeps the flow of air regular.

Any car engine that starts with inner combustion needs of fuel needs air to work. And also, without air fuels like petrol and diesel are not able to give explosive power to energize the engine and couldn't be consumed properly.

So, when is the good day to get your air filters changed by Car Ustad? We can help you with it.

The reason your air filter gets worn out or exhausted is the quality of air going into the engine. The dirty air hinders, burning chambers stops the consumption of fuel. So, in a result, the engine needs to work harder that eventually leads to early engine damage or a decline in mileage of fuel.

You need clean air to breathe properly so as your car. The car engine suffers a lot if the air it inhales is not clear. Some soil particles can enter the engine through the filter because of expanded vacuum and it can damage the cylinder walls and pistons. That's the main reason why engines sometimes consume unnecessary oil. So, you should get your car checked on time.

The main job of the filter is to protect your engine from unwanted debris that helps the engine to work properly and for a long time. Usually, engine filters should be changed after the use of 10,000km-20,000km, but depend on the quality of air it is consuming.

And if you drive very often on the unpaved street then it should be changed frequently. If you use your car less than it needs to be changed in 12-18 months.

We at Car Ustad, always suggest you to keep your car repaired at every time, get the air filters of your car clean on time. If you need car repair service in Gurgaon, then get in touch with the experts at Car Ustad and we assure the quality services at affordable prices. Get in touch today and give a proper service to your car before your car give you any sort of problem. We are always there to help you.

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